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Welcome to Kelly's Picture Site

There is nothing to buy here, you don't need an email address, it's just a place for me to show my pictures. Below you'll find links to groups of pictures. When you're on other pages just hit "Photos" at the top to get back here to choose another group of photos or use the hamburger to see the menu on phones. Some of the groups are interesting but if you're not in the family, the wedding pics are sort of like your uncle showing slides of the teacher's convention in Toledo.

Get Music This site is best viewed on a computer with a monitor that displays 1920 x 1080p, it allows for more options, but should work on all devices. Please note that this site is always under construction so you may hit some quirky spots, just try again.

Pro Tip: Hit F11 to make the pictures full screen. It wouldn't hurt to put on some google music in the background, there's a link right here -> -> -> ->



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