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"Tom Gilding is Mark Twain"

"When Gilding begins, Twain pours out."
- Anna Marie Lux, Janesville Gazette

Tom Gilding as Mark Twain

Performances for:

"Gilding's resemblance to Mark Twain is uncanny."
- Lyn Bostian, The Milwaukee Sentinel

Hello, my name is Tom Gilding. I have performed Mark Twain on riverboats in Wisconsin and luxury yachts off the coast of Florida; for elementary students in Hilton Head, South Carolina, middle schoolers in Dothan, Alabama, and high-school literature students of Santa Barbara, California; and for business groups as diverse as Ray-O-Vac, Triple A, and the Women's International Bowling Congress.
I truly enjoy bringing Mark Twain's wit and wisdom to life for audiences of today.

"Gilding portrays Twain (as) the crusty, beloved 'author' I'd come to see." - Bob Puhala, The Chicago Sun Times

"Gilding succeeded in demonstrating not only Twain's range of thought; but his range of emotion, the quickness of his wit, and indeed, his wisdom." - Bob Schantz, Headmaster, Wayland Academy

"I met you when you walked in from outside, and I actually thought you were the real thing." - Jennifer, 11th grade, Sparks, NV

"We've had other people come into class with a character, but yours was the best." - Alicia, 3rd grade, West Allis, WI

Mark Twain Entertainment
For Schools

Tom Gilding as Mark Twain "If I have a passion for anything, it is to teach. It is noble to teach oneself; it is still nobler to teach others--and less trouble." - Mark Twain

Mark Twain is a great teacher. As he teaches he shares insights on writing, reading, and speaking; and he talks about his own life and literature.

Choose from three distinct shows:

Mark Twain Entertainment
For Professional Organizations

"He said he changed his mind, which was a gilded figure of speech, because we all knew he hadn't any." - Mark Twain

Mark Twain's humorous and insightful words on topics such as working together as a team, developing communication skills, and seeking realistic goals, reach audiences of all ages in this timely, and unique presentation.

"Mark Twain was such a success; a record attendance for our annual meeting." - Diane Straseskie, Beaver Dam Library

"What a treat the Beloit folks had during Heritage Days because of Mark Twain." - Beloit Daily News

"An excellent performance that will long be remembered . . . everyone enjoyed it." - John Wozniak, Lake Geneva Kiwanis

Mark Twain Entertainment
For Business

Tom Gilding as Mark Twain "Some say money is the root of all evil. I wholeheartedly disagree. I say the lack of money is the root of all evil." - Mark Twain

Mark Twain Gets Down To Business & Mark Twain Presents are performances that will inspire all members of the business team while teaching the importance of building daily habits of communication and cooperation.

Mark Twain Gets Down To Business
Mark Twain ran his own publishing house, a business which successfully printed and marketed some of America's most successful books including The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Memoirs of General Grant. Through this unique presentation, "Twain" talks shop, gives advice on money and investments, and shares his insights on writing, speaking, using humor in achieving goals, as well as learning the art of working together as a team.

"A timely and fresh new way to inservice. 'Twain' really promoted the importance of good writing." - Dave Kemper, Write Source Publishing House

"Tom was wonderful! We've had him back for the last two years, and we plan to have him again next year. A remarkable job." - John O'Conner, Wellman Corporation, Rhode Island

Mark Twain Presents
The wit and wisdom of America's most beloved author and speaker is presented in this humorous and inspiring performance. Tom Gilding brings Mark Twain to the podium in a performance that shares humorous and witty insights on daily life and heartfelt wisdom on some of humankind's most universal truths.

This is a keynote address to remember.

"Tom's composite words from Mark Twain's speeches, put together for our representative assembly of 800 delegates, were timely and right on the mark. Even though they were thoughts and philosophies of a hundred years ago, they were as fresh as those of today." - Terry Craney, President, Wisconsin Education Association Council

Mark Twain Entertainment
For Theaters

"The best speech is the impromptu. But not the real impromptu, the counterfeit--the one that has been practiced...It takes me a three weeks to put together a good impromptu speech." - Mark Twain

Mark Twain's books are classics, but it was his lectures that fascinated audiences of his day and led to his legacy as America's first, great humorist.

"Mark Twain was one of the most popular performers of his time." - Kurt Vonnegut

Award-winning educator, writer, and riverboat pilot, Tom Gilding, performs a remarkable first-person recreation of America's most beloved writer, humorist, and speaker, Mark Twain.

Theatrical performances include:

"Dear Mark Twain,

Thank you for a memorable presentation...I feel I can only address you as Mark Twain as that is what you became to us at the women's club."

Jean Honan, Racine's Women's Club

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